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assemble Products at home

Hand tool genuine leather key chains. This is a fun and relaxing hobby for both men and women and gives you the opportunity to earn extra income of up to $440.00 a week.

No experience needed to Assemble these beautiful pearl party bells. This company pays up to $2,440.00 a month for these easy to assemble items.

Assemble hair cutting capes for this company and earn $360.00 per unit of 20 capes. Basic skills for sewing and applique are needed.

Assemble beaded earrings and earn $8.00 per completed pair. There’s no limit on the number of units submitted. Get paid weekly. Easy and fun to make!

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Here are just a few testimonials from people who have purchased "The Directory to  Assemble Products at Home" in the past. It's so exciting for us when someone sends us an email like the ones below to share with you...

"Wow, for a lifetime! I am amazed at the income your program is generating for me. I have been signed up for this program 1 month back and now I can't thank you enough. This work at home assembly jobs has really changed my life. My next check should be arriving any day now. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this wonderful program. " - Grace Cardillo

"Amazing, just amazing... Why didn't we know before - making money couldn’t be any easier! We're speechless! In less than a week, we've already made 10 times our investment back. We can't wait to do more home assembly jobs. Very Very Happy - thanks!" - Timiteo & Marta Rodriguez

"I have seen put so much time and effort into creating, expanding, revamping and improving a wonderful directory!! They truly have a desire to help other peoples who want to stay at home and yet earn a living while at home! Thank you again for all the excellent work you do." - Shanice Wilson

"Hi! I found several fantastic home assembly jobs through your directory - I recommend it to everyone. Thanks for developing such an effective database." - Alex Tyree

"It is nice to know that a work at home assembly company does exist that operates on a REAL JOB basis with no scams involved. I am so thankful that I found the Directory to Assemble Products at Home and I would refer it to anyone!!!" - Emma Barker

"I used to think that all work at home opportunities on the internet were just scam artists trying to steal my money. With my last bit of hope, I decided to try your directory... and boy am I glad I did! Thanks for seriously helping me to earn real cash at home. You people definitely provide a great resource amidst all the useless crap online. The directory is also a great value. This was perfect for me, I made $4,000 in my first month. Many Thanks!" - Bill Mueller

"Assembly work at home is a great opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. It works if you are ready to invest some of your time and effort to make it happen. The checks are real and are paid each and every week. can make your dreams come true!" - Emily Hills

"Just wanted to let you know how helpful I have found your directory on starting several different assembly jobs at home to be. I have been assembling products now for three months, and I am glad that I bought a copy. I would suggest the Directory to Assemble Products at Home to anybody who is interested in a home assembling career! It is a great help. Thanks so much." - Samantha Sanders

"I have to say, I have been very impressed with this company so far. I searched long and hard for a legitimate company that I could work for from the comfort of my own home while staying home with my two little boys. I needed something that I could do anytime of the day and not have to worry about working a certain amount of hours a week. You can work anytime and never have to worry about filling any quotas! Thank you for allowing me the chance to earn an additional income so that I am able to stay at home with my children!" - Emily Abbott

"Thanks for guiding me to your website. There are great opportunities to get a job. You made me a very happy camper! I guess you are not scammers after all." - Brad Swinney

"I am working for a company making beaded earrings and love it & making some good pay checks as well. Thank you for this opportunity." - D.J. Ronald

"I have found just the type work I love, thanks to your website. The work I love to do is working with my hands to create center pieces for tables. I work with wood, metal & plastic and I signed up with a company which loves my work. I am delighted and happy to know that I can browse at any time to check out other companies at no additional cost. Thanks you so much." - S. Murray

"I was skeptical at first. But I am very glad that I found your company on the internet. I have been working for 2 different companies on your list making crafts and I am finally doing something I like and am able to finally start paying off my debts." - Nancy Helms

"I was overwhelmed at first with all the information that I found in your package. But after looking thru it last night I have narrowed it down to 7 different companies that I am interested in working for. God Bless you folks." - P. Salos

"I am a grandmother and love to sew, especially to make baby clothes for my littlest grand babies. Imagine, I am now getting paid by a nice Company to do what I love to do. Thank you so much for making information about these honest companies available." - S. Helmsley

"Thank you for your wonderful product. I have contacted 5 of the companies and have started working for 4 of them and making more money than I was working full time out of the house... thanks again!" - L. Grandner

"Everything I have seen in the [Directory to Assemble Products at Home] has gotten me very excited. I am now on my way to becoming financially independent... Thank you!!!" - Andi Winney

" by the way, is a thousand times better than any other assemble products at home directory I have ever seen.... Believe me I have tried practically every work-at-home site. Many are frauds and others are just not very good. Your directory delivers what it promises. Thanks again!!" - Matt Wester

"I subscribed to your service a couple of weeks ago and find it very helpful. Your directory is great and I recommend your website to all stay-at-homers that I know. Thank you for maintaining a reputable service and I hope you continue to help others like me." - Rachel Wright

"I never thought this could happen in my life. Wow! Home assembly jobs is the easiest, most reliable way to earn money. One should try it in order to believe it." - Jeremy Overbeck

"I am a stay-at-home mom with 2 small children. Even though my number one priority is my kids, I wanted to be able to help out with our finances, too. Working outside the home and putting my kids in daycare was not an option. I began researching on the internet for work at home opportunities that were available. Most of the things I found were either shady, get rich quick schemes or jobs that required me to work a set amount of hours a week. I needed something with flexibility that I could do when I could fit it into my schedule and that could be done without EVER having to leave my children. That’s when I stumbled onto the Directory to Assemble Products at Home - Thank you,, for offering such an awesome opportunity which allows me to earn an income from my home while still caring for my little blessings!" - Sara Hivley

"I just wanted to write and let you know that I'm so happy I bought your directory because it has given me so much hope. I really want to work at home and I'm tired of seeing so many scam jobs advertised. Now I've got your directory, I know I'm going to be able to do it! Thank you." - Courtney Sockman

"Just wanted to say - Thanks for the assembly jobs directory. I am even checking it out for myself too. I need to try to make some extra money as well as my friend. I can't believe how much information and companies there are in your directory. I have seen no other directory that offers so much more than yours! You really work your tail off and do great research! Thanks again so much." - Amberly Rison

"I wish to thank you for a wonderful resource for persons who wish to work out of their homes. I have recently gotten information from your directory that enabled me to do some bulk mail processing for a wonderful company and it also made it a great experience instead of a horrible one. Your service is just wonderful." - Houston Neal

"The Directory to Assembly Assemble Products at Home has been a lifesaver for our family. I am able to work at home and take care of my children at the same time. It is wonderful. I would happily recommend this company to anyone looking for a great career from home... Thank you, for allowing me to be a better mother and wife and to be able to spend the time I want with my family !" - Amanda Eubank

"The Directory to Assemble Products at Home is the best, hands down, bar none! There is no fluff, every page has reliable companies you can contact to begin your own at-home assembly jobs. Truly, an invaluable resource!" - Drew Frahm

"I would highly recommend the Directory to Assemble Products at Home to anyone who wants to work at home or just needs to supplement their current income. I am currently doing the assembly of the Darling Angel Pins program. These are working out best for me. I fully recommend to everybody who is interested in working at home!" - Ashley Rapp

"I love this program! I've gotten two commission checks and am now expecting my third after only 1 month doing assembly work!" - Natalie Partin

"This is NOT a Scam, MLM or a Get Rich Quick scheme. It is a legitimate job option and the PERFECT career for me. Thanks!" - Alexis Caldarelli

"Why couldn't I have found this site sooner? I would have saved myself some headaches that’s for sure. I've already set the wheels in motion and I'm getting started with the companies right away. Thanks!" - Jacob Abrams

"I found your directory an outstanding resource as a home assembler and thoroughly enjoyed my purchase. Many thanks for all the great info provided so far." - Anna Turpel

"I recently purchased a copy of your directory and have already received a response from the companies I inquired about. I am absolutely convinced that I will succeed in this program. Thank you. I love your service." - Hannah Wright

"I'd like for all of you first-timers to know that assembly work at home is an excellent opportunity to make EXTRA MONEY and you will see that the FUTURE will get much brighter. Totally Awesome!" - Michael Milde

"I simply enjoy doing this job day after day. I am grateful to for the opportunity and encourage anyone looking to work at home to get a copy of this directory listing and start working on your own success!" - Samantha Miller

"I got a great assembly job from your directory! What an extremely wonderful piece of work you did. Congratulations - this is what I have been seeking for a long time. Thanks!" - Sarah Falknor

"I have sent for information about some of the companies in your directory and received information back. The book was GREAT and very helpful. Thanks again!!!!!!!" - Joseph Jeon

"For the past few years I have been looking for a legitimate company that I could work for at home on a part-time basis and could never find one. That was until I ran across your directory. It is a wonderful company with a great product that everyone can use. All I can say is much thanks to!" - Brianna Ramsey

"Thank you very much for the Directory to Assemble Products at Home that has been very useful to me. I’m already starting a pleasant assembly job at home." - Jessica Sturdivant

"I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to earn extra income. Thank you," - Lauren Quick

"I just started doing assembly jobs about 2 weeks ago. I am a College Student and needed money fast to pay for my studies. Yesterday I received my first paycheck - $464. For this I had worked only about 20 hours, part time. Now I do not have to worry about my finances anymore and I have enough time for my studies. Thanks!" - Daniel Matthew Dixon

"As I have found that you are a genuine company and that you offer a genuine service, I have recommended you to a few of my friends who are interested in homeworking." - Andrew S. Ferranti

"Work at home assembly is a great opportunity to make $$, become financially independent or to earn extra income on a part time basis!" - Ryan Callahan Otterbein

"I received the link to your website from a friend who has just received the directory of companies from your company and found it to be very rewarding. Thank you for such a great publication." - Grace Gholston

"I have never had this much fun making money. I wish I found years ago." - William Gebreberhane

"I would recommend to anyone needing to make a living at home. You are the greatest!" - Hailey Reese

"May I congratulate you on your excellent directory which has helped me in every way so much. Thank you very much." - Alyssa Harmsworth

"I just wanted to say 'thank you' for providing me the chance to make money outside of my job and help me pay for college. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!" - Sophia Ming

"The Directory to Assemble Products at Home is a great opportunity to earn extra cash in your spare time while maintaining your current job." - Kayla James

"I found this website to be very helpfull and when I personally talked to customer service they were friendly and very informative. I would recommend anyone looking for an at home business where you can be an employee of a company - this is the site. Again thank you for doing the leg work for me." - Gary Shoars

“The Directory to Assemble Products at Home was great. I really enjoyed ordering your directory last week and now I will be working at home assembling refrigerator magnets to make extra money and with the cost of everything going up I desperately need the money to save up for a car and then for a foreclosed or a tax repo home.” - Phyllis Dawkins

“Dear, I received the package just fine and look forward to utilizing the opportunities. I'm glad your company is not like the rest of the hacks and scams out there. Thanks!!” - Wanda McDaniel

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